Katherine Dawson, Neuropsychologist

I have worked with Julie for over 6 years in neuro rehab. We have joint worked with a number of clients together and she is a fantastic Occupational Therapist.

Julie has the ability to develop really positive therapeutic relationships with clients and has achieved excellent occupational therapy outcomes. She is very kind, warm and has a brilliant sense of humour – all qualities needed for neuro rehab.

Julie thinks creatively and is flexible to the needs of others. She also works really well in a multidisciplinary team setting and I can definitely recommend her to clients and professionals alike.


I worked with Julie for a number of years after I suffered a brain injury. She understood how emotionally taxing relearning simple tasks is after injury/illness. She was kind and understanding but also firm in her support, thinking creatively to adapt therapies to fit an individual whilst the are recovering. I'm incredibly grateful for her support through my recovery.

Beryl Hanley

I have worked with Julie Meighan for the last 6 years in her capacity of Neurological Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist.

I have always found her enthusiastic, diligent, persevering when rehabilitation challenges present themselves and a most supportive team member of the multi-disciplinary team and support/care teams when the going gets tough.  Her communication skills are excellent with both clients and colleagues alike.

I consider that Julie is an extremely skilled practitioner, professional in her approach at all times and I have observed her achieving excellent results.  I will not hesitate to refer further clients to Julie in the future.

Brooke - Brain Injury Brooke

I was a pedestrian hit by a car in May 2007 at 50mph. Julie was my OT in 2010 - 2013.

She was great fun and very easy to get on with, i truly believe that if you get on well with your OT you get so much more out of it.

She instilled in me the importance of planning, something which I really took on board and introduced me to different strategies many of which I still use on a daily basis. After a brain injury you cannot do what you did before but you can still achieve a lot, you just have to do things differently.

I learned a lot from Julie which gave me a lot of confidence. I’ve since gone on to do a lot of public speaking for various charities, businesses, hospitals, universities and for the emergency services in several major cities in the UK.

I moved independently to Manchester and currently work part time writing content for the website of a law firm there.

Brain injury is not an easy thing to deal with, it’s something that never quite goes away. You never recover but you learn to rehabilitate, I would recommend Julie as an OT she was a great first step in your recovery!