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Julie Meighan Therapy

Julie Meighan Therapy for  Acquired Brain Injury

At Julie Meighan Therapy I specialise in providing brain injury occupational therapy rehabilitation.

Established in 2019 I am an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in treating complex clients and 14 years providing specialist medico-legal brain injury rehabilitation.

I specialise in providing brain injury occupational therapy rehabilitation for the North East of England and surrounding areas.

I have helped develop occupational therapy services for several organisations before establishing Julie Meighan Therapy Ltd.

As a Senior Occupational Therapist I have developed clinical pathways, measured outcomes and training and support for team members.

Why Work With Julie Meighan

I engage my clients and their families in the rehabilitation process. I endeavour to maximise their independence and improve quality of life by providing high quality assessments and interventions and clear client-centred treatment and goals.

A wealth of clinical experience

I have a wealth of clinical experience and enjoy working with clients who have complex cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioural impairments following an acquired brain injury.


Listen to the Podcast

Brain Injury Bites is a podcast based on the experiences of sustaining a brain injury and provides helpful hints and tips for injured people, their friends and family. The show is hosted by Brooke Trotter and Ashwini Kamath. Brooke was a pedestrian involved in a road traffic collision in May 2007, which left him with a severe traumatic brain injury. Ashwini is a Trustee and Chair for Headway Warrington and a Senior Associate Solicitor with over ten years of experience supporting families after brain injury.

Brooke is a former client of mine.

In the first podcast you will hear me speak about my profession and how it helps individuals who have experienced a brain injury.

In this second part of the interview, we will explore how Occupational Therapy plays a significant role in the broader context of rehabilitation after brain injury and the importance of goal-setting.

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